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Pro Point is leading Technical and Soft Skills Training Company. We are specialized in both Technical training on latest technologies and Soft Skills which makes an individual a complete professional. Our skilled resources are expert in hiring for different industries.

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Prepare to recruit by looking at similar job descriptions and scanning resumes of qualified candidates to understand what skills and experience are required for roles like yours. Monitor job trends in your area and industry to identify the most popular job titles and keywords job candidates are searching for, and compare salaries to determine the right compensation level for your role.

To compete with bigger companies, follow best practices for clear, meaningful job descriptions. Think about what your ideal candidate is likely to search for, and inject these popular keywords into your description for maximum visibility.

The next advisory interaction with a hiring manager will likely be during the interviewing phase after recruiters have screened and recommended candidates. They should ensure that the manager’s process is consistent across each interview, and that they aren’t asking the same questions from the phone screen or video interview.

When you’re hiring for multiple roles or have dozens of applicants applying for a single position at your company, things can get overwhelming quickly. Organize your recruitment efforts and keep track of interesting candidates as they move through your hiring process by using candidate statuses New, Reviewed, Phone Screened, Rejected, etc.