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We specialize in connecting businesses with top-tier talent to ensure a seamless and efficient hiring process.

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Propoint - Service Provider Network (SPN)

Power of Connection

We work closely with a network of supplier agencies to find the best candidates for your business needs.

Hassle-Free Recruitment

Our seamless process takes the stress out of finding the right employees, saving you time and effort.

Real-Time Tracking

Our revolutionary SPN tool keeps you updated on recruitment progress, enabling informed decisions.

Comprehensive Approach

We ensure no candidate is overlooked, presenting only the best talent to you.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Benefit from our streamlined process and innovative tools for efficient recruitment.

Industry Expertise

Founded to address the need for efficient recruitment, we bring years of domestic and international experience.

Strong Partnerships

Our robust network allows us to provide top-notch solutions tailored to your business needs.



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Why Us

One Contract

All agencies within Propoint network are enjoined to a single, standard contract. This eliminates the requirement for our clients to maintain multiple agency contracts, each with its terms, conditions, and stipulations.

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Vendor Performance Evaluation

Propoint conducts quarterly performance reviews of contracted agencies, tracking key metrics and comparing them to ensure adherence to performance standards and utilization of top agencies nationwide.

Business Model Chart

One Billing

Propoint's One Billing streamlines invoice review and approval for all recruited staff, saving time and money with Propoint Connect technology.

PAN India Workforce Solution

Empowering businesses nationwide with the right talent, expertise, and strategic partnership for workforce excellence and achieving business objectives.

Recruitment Tool

Revolutionize your talent acquisition journey with our cutting-edge recruitment tool, empowering you to seize control, optimize resources, and nurture a talent pool tailored to your organizational goals.

Seamless Implementation

Propoint's seamless implementation across diverse multi-location systems ensures user-friendly experiences, clear goal alignment, and efficient escalation points for hundreds of clients nationwide.

Single Point of Contact

Propoint ensures seamless communication and coordination with a dedicated Relationship Manager and client relationship team throughout the recruitment process.


More opportunities for your candidates and your business – ProPoint

When you work with ProPoint as an associate Supplier, you can grow your business. It’s that simple. Every month, hundreds of Job requirements across the nation rely on ProPoint to fill openings for their workforce. By working with us, you can see and compete for new postings in a single, online location — without ever needing to pick up the phone and solicit individual facilities.

We're Not An Agency

ProPoint is not an agency. Unlike some MSP/VMS programs that are agency-led, ProPoint contracted agencies are part of a trusted relationship. There is no fear that jobs are being distributed days, or even weeks later, and our agencies are confident in knowing their candidates are not being lost to a master agency.

Vendor Neutral

Vendor-neutrality is at the heart of our company. Ingrained in our culture, it is how we think, act, and execute. We rely completely on agencies within our network to fill open positions for the clients we support. Our vendor-neutral business model ensures that our contracted staffing agencies compete on a level playing field.

Relationship Driven

We strive to nurture the best relationships in the MSP/VMS field, We value our contracted agencies and understand the importance of maintaining trust. When posting jobs, our teams gather as much information as possible to help agencies attract the best candidates. We seek to be the best resource for our contracted agencies.

User-Friendly Technology

Our proprietary web-based technology, Pro Connect, was created to be the easiest VMS system to use throughout the industry. Our agencies have a 24/7 view of new and current job openings, as well as the status of their candidates. This intentional ease-of-use translates into faster fill-rates for our clients and greater success for our agencies.

Single Point Of Contact

ProPoint acts as a single point of contact for our agencies. Our relationship management teams serve as the conduits for open positions while receiving and pre-screening all submitted candidates. Our teams are in direct communication with our healthcare clients in order to provide immediate feedback to our agencies..

One Contract

Through one standard contract with ProPoint, each agency in our network has immediate access to every ProPoint healthcare client across the country. The standard terms, conditions, and pricing within the contract promote fair competition and equal opportunities for each agency to grow and achieve success.

WE ARE PRO & to the POINT – Propoint

Experts in Workforce Solutions

Our team is your team

At Propoint, we care about the job you do. Your dedicated team includes an executive sponsor, workforce solutions consultant, client services manager, and the support of our compliance and finance department. Together, they provide end-to-end support for your organization throughout the entire process. When you’re with Propoint, you can think of our experts as extensions of your team. We’re proud of the personal touch we have and what it means to our clients.

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IT - NON IT - PHARMA - Healthcare - Manufacturing – Engineering




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